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1992 Honda Ascot Wallpapers For Sale

For the Honda motorcycles branded "Ascot", see Honda Ascot (motorcycle).

The Honda Ascot was a intermediate saloon car (mid-size sedan) manufactured by Honda and marketed in Japan only from 1989 to 1997. There were two generations of the car, based on the contemporary Honda Accord and Honda Inspire, respectively. Additionally, from 1993 to 1996 a "pillared hardtop" model based on the Accord was marketed in Japan as Honda Ascot Innova, being equivalent to the Swindon-made European-market Accord at that time.

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1992 Honda Ascot Wallpapers

1992 Honda Ascot

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Ascot Troubleshooting
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few days I have had 2 jumpstarts and is sitting fla...
Engine parts
1995, I need the following engine parts and I cant
find a dealer: spark plug cover seal (5 cylinder
1994, Can not remove crack shaft pull bolt have
tired to move with power bar an rattal gun with no
luck ...

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The "Ascot" name was chosen with reference to the Ascot Racecourse and Ascot tie, in order to add the model an alleged air of class and elegance.

The first Honda Ascot was borne out Honda's strategy to diversify its sales channels in Japan. In 1985, two separate dealer networks were established, under the names of "Honda Clio" and "Honda Primo", in addition to the already existing "Honda Verno" network. While the Primo stores handled kei cars, as well as base Honda Civics, the Clio stores focused on larger models, including the top-of-the-line Honda Legend. With the arrival of the fourth-generation Honda Accord (CB), its sales were assigned solely to Honda Clio.

That meant, however, that the Honda Primo network needed a new intermediate-size car. Honda adopted a rather simple solution (quite common in such cases in the JDM market) of creating a "sister car" to Accord, the Honda Ascot. Technically, the Ascot was identical to the Accord saloon, and so was most of the body, but some cosmetic differences provided for a different look, befitting the Ascot's upmarket role as the top-of-the-line model of Honda Primo. The Ascot had a six-light greenhouse compared to the regular Accord's four-light layout, and featured a different front end with a more formal grille, as well as a revised rear end with a unified light belt.

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