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Hyundai refers to a group of companies and related organizations founded by Chung Ju-yung in South Korea. The first Hyundai company was founded in 1947 as a construction company, and the Hyundai Group eventually became South Korea's largest conglomerate company (chaebol).

The best well-known Hyundai organization is the Hyundai Motor Company, the world's 5th largest automaker selling mid sized sedans, coupes and SUVs like the Sonata, Genesis Coupe and the Santa Fe. Hyundai Heavy Industries is the world's largest shipbuilder, and Hynix is a top semiconductor producer. Other companies currently or formerly controlled by members of Chung's extended family may be loosely referred to as a part of the Hyundai chaebol.

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Hyundai VernaHyundai TuscaniHyundai StarexHyundai TucsonHyundai H100Hyundai GalloperHyundai GETZ

Hyundai models

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1995 hyundai accentACCENT

1992 hyundai aeroAERO

1977 hyundai atosATOS

1998 hyundai avanteAVANTE

2002 hyundai clickCLICK

1993 hyundai coupeCOUPE

1997 hyundai coupe gkCOUPE GK

1991 hyundai elantraELANTRA

2004 hyundai equusEQUUS

1992 hyundai excelEXCEL

1993 hyundai galloperGALLOPER

2008 hyundai genesisGENESIS

2010 hyundai genesis coupeGENESIS COUPE

2002 hyundai getzGETZ

1991 hyundai graceGRACE

2008 hyundai grand starexGRAND STAREX

1995 hyundai grandeurGRANDEUR

1996 hyundai h1H1

1993 hyundai h100H100

1997 hyundai h 1H 1

2001 hyundai hgHG

1993 hyundai hyundaiHYUNDAI

2009 hyundai i20I20

2007 hyundai i30I30

2012 hyundai i40I40

2010 hyundai ix35IX35

2008 hyundai ix55IX55

1994 hyundai lantraLANTRA

2001 hyundai lavitaLAVITA

2004 hyundai liberoLIBERO

2001 hyundai matrixMATRIX

2001 hyundai new ef sonataNEW EF SONATA

2004 hyundai nfNF

1988 hyundai ponyPONY

1991 hyundai porterPORTER

1993 hyundai s coupeS COUPE

1993 hyundai santa feSANTA FE

1995 hyundai santamoSANTAMO

2010 hyundai solarisSOLARIS

1977 hyundai sonataSONATA

1994 hyundai sonata 2SONATA 2

1997 hyundai sonata 3SONATA 3

2000 hyundai sonata 4SONATA 4

2001 hyundai sonata 5SONATA 5

1997 hyundai starexSTAREX

1987 hyundai stellarSTELLAR

2003 hyundai tagerTAGER

2001 hyundai terracanTERRACAN

1996 hyundai tiburonTIBURON

2000 hyundai trajetTRAJET

1998 hyundai tucsonTUCSON

2002 hyundai tuscaniTUSCANI

2011 hyundai velosterVELOSTER

2006 hyundai veracruzVERACRUZ

2005 hyundai vernaVERNA

1998 hyundai xgXG

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The Hyundai Group underwent massive restructuring following the 1997 East Asian financial crisis and the founder's death in 2001. Today, many companies bearing the Hyundai name are legally unrelated, with each company having a different chairman. Former components include Hyundai Group, Hyundai Kia Automotive Group, Hyundai Department Store Group, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, and Hyundai Development Group. After the separation, Hyundai Group focuses on elevators, container services, and tourism to Mount Kumgang.

The word 現代 hyeondae is derived from Chinese and means "modernity" in Korean and other languages with heavy Chinese influence. It is pronounced [çʌndɛ], but is often pronounced pronounced /ˈhʌndeɪ/ in North America, as /haɪˈʌndaɪ/ in the United Kingdom, as /hiːˈʌndaɪ/ in Australia, and as [çjɯndai] in Japan. Early American advertising for the Hyundai Excel car informed readers that the name "rhymes with Sunday", which is similar to the correct Korean pronunciation.

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