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Mazda Motor Corporation (マツダ株式会社, Matsuda Kabushiki-gaisha?) (TYO: 7261) is a Japanese automotive manufacturer based in Hiroshima, Japan.

During 2007, Mazda produced almost 1.3 million vehicles for global sales. The majority of these (nearly 1 million) were produced in the company's Japanese plants, with the remainder coming from a variety of other plants worldwide.

It is said that Mazda coincides with the anglicized pronunciation of the founder's name, Jujiro Matsuda, who was interested in spirituality, and chose to rename the firm in honor of both his family and Zoroastrianism. The word Mazda derives from Ahura Mazda, the Avestan language name for a divinity exalted by the ancient Iranian prophet Zoroaster, as the source of wisdom, intelligence and harmony.

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Mazda 323FMazda 323Mazda 323Mazda LantisMazda DemioMazda 323Mazda Axela

Mazda models

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2001 mazda 121121

1982 mazda 323323

1989 mazda 323f323F

1994 mazda 323r323R

1984 mazda 626626

1992 mazda 626ge626GE

1985 mazda 929929

2001 mazda atenzaATENZA

2002 mazda atenza sedanATENZA SEDAN

1991 mazda atenza sportATENZA SPORT

2001 mazda atenza sport wagonATENZA SPORT WAGON

1994 mazda autozam az-3AUTOZAM AZ-3

1992 mazda autozam clefAUTOZAM CLEF

1993 mazda autozam revueAUTOZAM REVUE

2002 mazda axelaAXELA

1991 mazda az-offroadAZ-OFFROAD

1999 mazda az-wagonAZ-WAGON

2003 mazda b-seriesB-SERIES

1989 mazda bongoBONGO

1990 mazda bongo brawnyBONGO BRAWNY

1999 mazda bongo brawny vanBONGO BRAWNY VAN

1994 mazda bongo friendeeBONGO FRIENDEE

2005 mazda bongo iiiBONGO III

1999 mazda bongo vanBONGO VAN

2003 mazda bt-50BT-50

1984 mazda capellaCAPELLA

1990 mazda capella cargoCAPELLA CARGO

1998 mazda capella coupeCAPELLA COUPE

1990 mazda capella wagonCAPELLA WAGON

1999 mazda carolCAROL

1992 mazda cronosCRONOS

2011 mazda cx-5CX-5

2006 mazda cx-7CX-7

2007 mazda cx-9CX-9

0 mazda demioDEMIO

1995 mazda efini mpvEFINI MPV

1993 mazda efini ms-6EFINI MS-6

1992 mazda efini ms-8EFINI MS-8

1994 mazda efini ms-9EFINI MS-9

2000 mazda efini rx-7EFINI RX-7

1987 mazda etudeETUDE

1992 mazda eunos 500EUNOS 500

1994 mazda eunos 800EUNOS 800

1993 mazda eunos cosmoEUNOS COSMO

1991 mazda eunos pressoEUNOS PRESSO

1991 mazda eunos roadsterEUNOS ROADSTER

1982 mazda familiaFAMILIA

1989 mazda familia astinaFAMILIA ASTINA

1984 mazda familia neoFAMILIA NEO

1997 mazda familia s-wagonFAMILIA S-WAGON

1990 mazda familia vanFAMILIA VAN

1997 mazda familia wagonFAMILIA WAGON

1989 mazda ford festivaFORD FESTIVA

1997 mazda ford festiva mini wagonFORD FESTIVA MINI WAGON

1996 mazda ford fredaFORD FREDA

1994 mazda ford ixionFORD IXION

1987 mazda ford laserFORD LASER

1999 mazda ford laser lideaFORD LASER LIDEA

1999 mazda ford laser lidea wagonFORD LASER LIDEA WAGON

1990 mazda ford laser sedanFORD LASER SEDAN

1993 mazda ford telstarFORD TELSTAR

1991 mazda ford telstar tx5FORD TELSTAR TX5

1992 mazda ford telstar wagonFORD TELSTAR WAGON

1993 mazda lantisLANTIS

2001 mazda laputaLAPUTA

1989 mazda luceLUCE

2000 mazda mazda2MAZDA2

1999 mazda mazda3MAZDA3

2011 mazda mazda3 mpsMAZDA3 MPS

2001 mazda mazda5MAZDA5

2002 mazda mazda6MAZDA6

1994 mazda milleniaMILLENIA

1989 mazda mpvMPV

1992 mazda mx-3MX-3

2000 mazda mx-5MX-5

1992 mazda mx-6MX-6

1988 mazda personaPERSONA

1999 mazda premacyPREMACY

1989 mazda proceedPROCEED

1995 mazda proceed levantePROCEED LEVANTE

1991 mazda proceed marviePROCEED MARVIE

1999 mazda protegePROTEGE

1993 mazda revueREVUE

1999 mazda roadsterROADSTER

1989 mazda rx-7RX-7

1999 mazda rx-8RX-8

1988 mazda savanna rx-7SAVANNA RX-7

2004 mazda scrumSCRUM

1992 mazda sentiaSENTIA

1986 mazda titanTITAN

2000 mazda tributeTRIBUTE

2004 mazda verisaVERISA

1992 mazda xedos 6XEDOS 6

1993 mazda xedos 9XEDOS 9

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In Japanese, the company's name has always been pronounced and spelled as "Matsuda", the name of the founder. Television ads for Mazda automobiles in the United States use a pronunciation where the initial vowel sound is the 'a' in "father", while Canadian Mazda advertisements pronounce the company's name with the initial "a" sound of the word "has". The initial vowel sounds (in the American and Canadian advertisements) are references to the first and last A sounds in the original Persian pronunciation.

Mazda began as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd, founded in Japan in 1920. Toyo Cork Kogyo renamed itself to Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. in 1927. Toyo Kogyo moved from manufacturing machine tools to vehicles, with the introduction of the Mazda-Go in 1931. Toyo Kogyo produced weapons for the Japanese military throughout the Second World War, most notably the series 30 through 35 Type 99 rifle. The company formally adopted the Mazda name in 1984, though every automobile sold from the beginning bore that name. The Mazda R360 was introduced in 1960, followed by the Mazda Carol in 1962.

Beginning in the 1960s, Mazda put a major engineering effort into development of the Wankel rotary engine as a way of differentiating themselves from other Japanese auto companies. Beginning with the limited-production Cosmo Sport of 1967 and continuing to the present day with the RX-8, Mazda has become the sole manufacturer of Wankel-type engines mainly by way of attrition (NSU and Citroën both gave up on the design during the 1970s, and prototype efforts by General Motors never made it to production).

This effort to bring attention to themselves apparently helped, as Mazda rapidly began to export its vehicles. Both piston-powered and rotary-powered models made their way around the world, but the rotary models quickly became popular for their combination of good power and light weight (when compared to piston-engined competitors with similar power, usually carrying a heavy V6 or V8 engine). The R100 and the famed RX series (RX-2, RX-3, and RX-4) led the company's export efforts.

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