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"Nissan" redirects here. For the Hebrew month, see Nisan.

Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. (日産自動車株式会社,, Nissan Jidōsha Kabushiki-gaisha?), shortened to Nissan is a multinational automaker headquartered in Japan. It was formerly a core member of the Nissan Group, but has become more independent after its restructuring under Carlos Ghosn (CEO).

It formerly marketed vehicles under the "Datsun" brand name and is one of the largest car manufacturers. The company's main offices are located in the Ginza area of Chūō, Tokyo. In 1999, Nissan entered an alliance with Renault S.A. of France, which owns 44.4% of Nissan as of 2008. Nissan is among the top three Asian (also known as the Japanese Big 3 Automakers) rivals of the "Big Three" in the U.S. Currently they are the third largest Japanese car manufacturer. It also manufactures the Infiniti luxury brand.

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Nissan models

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1990 nissan 100nx100NX

1993 nissan 180sx180SX

1989 nissan 200sx200SX

1982 nissan 300zx300ZX

2002 nissan 350z350Z

2009 nissan 370z370Z

2001 nissan ad-max wagonAD-MAX WAGON

1991 nissan ad vanAD VAN

1990 nissan ad wagonAD WAGON

1988 nissan almeraALMERA

2005 nissan almera classicALMERA CLASSIC

1993 nissan altimaALTIMA

2003 nissan armadaARMADA

1985 nissan atlasATLAS

1990 nissan avenirAVENIR

1995 nissan avenir salutAVENIR SALUT

1998 nissan bassaraBASSARA

1999 nissan be-1BE-1

1983 nissan bluebirdBLUEBIRD

1996 nissan bluebird sylphyBLUEBIRD SYLPHY

1990 nissan bluebird wagonBLUEBIRD WAGON

1998 nissan cabstarCABSTAR

1986 nissan caravanCARAVAN

1997 nissan caravan elgrandCARAVAN ELGRAND

1979 nissan cedricCEDRIC

2001 nissan cedric cimaCEDRIC CIMA

1984 nissan cedric wagonCEDRIC WAGON

1989 nissan cefiroCEFIRO

1994 nissan cefiro wagonCEFIRO WAGON

1992 nissan cimaCIMA

1988 nissan civilianCIVILIAN

1998 nissan clipperCLIPPER

1988 nissan condorCONDOR

2000 nissan crewCREW

1990 nissan cubeCUBE

2002 nissan cube cubicCUBE CUBIC

2008 nissan daDA

1985 nissan datsunDATSUN

1986 nissan dieselDIESEL

2003 nissan dualisDUALIS

1997 nissan elgrandELGRAND

1988 nissan exaEXA

1990 nissan expertEXPERT

1995 nissan fairladyFAIRLADY

1985 nissan fairlady zFAIRLADY Z

2002 nissan frontierFRONTIER

2004 nissan fugaFUGA

1976 nissan gloriaGLORIA

2001 nissan gloria wagonGLORIA WAGON

1991 nissan gt-rGT-R

1990 nissan hinoHINO

1989 nissan homyHOMY

1997 nissan homy elgrandHOMY ELGRAND

1999 nissan hyperminiHYPERMINI

2004 nissan infiniti m35INFINITI M35

2004 nissan infiniti q45INFINITI Q45

2010 nissan jukeJUKE

1990 nissan king cabKING CAB

2002 nissan lafestaLAFESTA

1987 nissan langleyLANGLEY

1988 nissan largoLARGO

1978 nissan laurelLAUREL

1996 nissan laurel spiritLAUREL SPIRIT

1980 nissan leopardLEOPARD

1996 nissan libertyLIBERTY

1994 nissan lucinoLUCINO

1985 nissan marchMARCH

2000 nissan march boxMARCH BOX

1989 nissan maximaMAXIMA

1991 nissan micraMICRA

1994 nissan mistralMISTRAL

1999 nissan mocoMOCO

2002 nissan muranoMURANO

1999 nissan navaraNAVARA

2004 nissan noteNOTE

2008 nissan np300NP300

2010 nissan nv200NV200

1990 nissan nx-coupeNX-COUPE

2005 nissan ottiOTTI

1990 nissan pathfinderPATHFINDER

1983 nissan patrolPATROL

2007 nissan pinoPINO

1987 nissan prairiePRAIRIE

1988 nissan prairie joyPRAIRIE JOY

1998 nissan presagePRESAGE

1989 nissan preseaPRESEA

1988 nissan presidentPRESIDENT

1988 nissan primeraPRIMERA

1994 nissan primera caminoPRIMERA CAMINO

1997 nissan primera camino wagonPRIMERA CAMINO WAGON

1991 nissan primera wagonPRIMERA WAGON

1984 nissan pulsarPULSAR

1995 nissan pulsar seriePULSAR SERIE

1996 nissan pulsar serie s-rvPULSAR SERIE S-RV

2007 nissan qashqaiQASHQAI

2007 nissan qashqai 2QASHQAI 2

1999 nissan questQUEST

1995 nissan rasheenRASHEEN

2008 nissan rogueROGUE

2011 nissan rooxROOX

1997 nissan r~nessaR~NESSA

1980 nissan safariSAFARI

1998 nissan sentraSENTRA

1991 nissan serenaSERENA

1985 nissan silviaSILVIA

1900 nissan skylineSKYLINE

1988 nissan skyline gt-rSKYLINE GT-R

1990 nissan stageaSTAGEA

1985 nissan stanzaSTANZA

1984 nissan sunnySUNNY

1993 nissan sunny californiaSUNNY CALIFORNIA

1992 nissan teanaTEANA

1987 nissan terranoTERRANO

1993 nissan terrano iiTERRANO II

1995 nissan terrano regulusTERRANO REGULUS

2001 nissan tiidaTIIDA

2002 nissan tiida latioTIIDA LATIO

1997 nissan tinoTINO

2000 nissan titanTITAN

1988 nissan urvanURVAN

1985 nissan vanetteVANETTE

2000 nissan vanette serenaVANETTE SERENA

1990 nissan vanette truckVANETTE TRUCK

1998 nissan vanette vanVANETTE VAN

2000 nissan volkswagen santanaVOLKSWAGEN SANTANA

1996 nissan wingroadWINGROAD

2000 nissan x-trailX-TRAIL

1996 nissan xterraXTERRA

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The Nissan VQ engines, of V6 configuration, have featured among Ward's 10 Best Engines for 14 straight years, since the award's inception. For the truck and bus maker "Nissan Diesel," it is a separate company from Nissan Motors, please see UD instead.

The pronunciation of its name is different in different markets. In the U.S., the brand is pronounced /ˈniːsɑːn/, while in the UK it is /ˈnɪsæn/. In Japanese, it is IPA:[nisːãɴ].

Beginnings of Datsun name from 1914

In 1914, the Kwaishinsha Motorcar Works (快進自動車工場, Kaishin Jidōsha Kōjō?), established three years earlier, in Azabu-Hiroo District in Tokyo, built the first DAT. The new car's name was an acronym of the company's partners' family names:

  • Kenjiro Den (田 健次郎, Den Kenjirō?)
  • Rokuro Aoyama (青山 禄朗, Aoyama Rokurō?)
  • Meitaro Takeuchi (竹内 明太郎, Takeuchi Meitarō?).

It was renamed to Kwaishinsha Motorcar Co. in 1918, and again to DAT Motorcar Co. in 1925 after Mr. Nissan (pronounced nii-saan) Son Dat-San. DAT Motors built trucks in addition to the DAT and Datsun passenger cars. The vast majority of its output was trucks, as there was almost no consumer market for cars at the time. Beginning in 1918, the first DAT trucks were produced for the military market. It was the low demand of the military market in the 1920s that forced DAT to merge in 1926 with Japan's 2nd most successful truck maker, Jitsuyo Motors.

In 1926 the Tokyo-based DAT Motors merged with the Osaka-based Jitsuyo Jidosha Co., Ltd. (実用自動車製造株式会社, Jitsuyō Jidōsha Seizō Kabushiki-Gaisha?) a.k.a. Jitsuyo Motors (established 1919, as a Kubota subsidiary) to become DAT Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (ダット自動車製造株式会社, Datto Jidōsha Seizō Kabushiki-Gaisha?) in Osaka until 1932.

In 1931, DAT came out with a new smaller car, the first "Datson", meaning "Son of DAT". Later in 1933 after Nissan took control of DAT Motors, the last syllable of Datson was changed to "sun", because "son" also means "loss" (損) in Japanese, hence the name "Datsun" (ダットサン, Dattosan?).

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